Different companies that donate to fundraisers in their local areas and how your business can get involved

Businesses are growing to be more involved in altruistic work to help their local communities, get some ideas on how to do the exact same by reading through this article!

Providing support to youth groups and clubs in your regional communities is one example of businesses working with charities. Larger companies often do this by allocating a certain amount of funding to provide scholarships for these teams which help support young people. Businesses such as Persimmon have been involved in this kind of projects, assigning hundreds of grants to under 18s communities, from sports to higher education. Supporting young adults by offering them a chance to play sports activities and have access to education out of school time is a hugely effective form of charity work that can boost your local community. Investing in the future and supporting youths to get involved in sporting events in the run-up to future global sporting events, can have a positive effect on these people, which radiates throughout the community. You could also invite voting on which groups the grants are given to, inviting wider groups of people to choose the areas which need and deserve to be getting donations from companies in the form of these scholarships.

Companies which produce goods can put a spin on their prodcuts to develop a new line of products and donate the earnings from it to a nominated foundation. One example of businesses working with charities to develop a new product, is the microbrewery Connoisseur Ales. They created a brand-new beer in aid of a regional charity, which can prove to be a clever way to not only raise money for a worthwhile local cause, but also increase your own company's awareness. Of course, you don’t need to create an entirely new product for your company to sell, you can look to alternative fundraising ideas. Perhaps someone in your firm has a hand for arts & crafts? Selling their work around the workplace or to customers can be a less expensive way of raising money, which can include multiple employees who want to get involved.

Raising funds for charity can oftentimes be expensive for smaller businesses, but you can find some great, cheap fundraising ideas which you can utilise to make an impact without burning a huge hole in your pocket! Holding a bake sale or cook-off at your office and donating the earnings to nonprofit charities is a fantastic way of raising funds, because everybody loves food! A simple way local Nisa stores have been raising money for different charity causes, is by introducing collection baskets in their stores. This is a suggestion to keep in mind for smaller businesses, as it is dependent on the donations from customers instead of larger donations from you as a business. You could also have multiple collection baskets which raise for various regional charities, giving your clients the option to pick who they want to support.

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